Upgrade to XML V3

Page last updated: 28 July 2017

The Department of Health has completed its major system upgrade to implement PBS Extensible Mark-up Language Version 3 (PBS XML V3).

As discussed at the May 2017 PBS Developers’ Forum, the August 2017 Schedule has been provided in the PBS XML V3 format. This is in addition to the PBS XML V2 format, which has already been published.

Future schedules, starting with the September 2017 Schedule, will include the new PBS XML V3 format. A PBS XML V2 document will also be provided which will be down-converted from the PBS XML V3.

The V3.0 PBS XML Schema is now the production version of the schema. The final V3.0 schema package has been published on the Developers website.

Please contact PBS.Contact@health.gov.au for further information.