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The Department of Health and Aged Care is modernising the consumption and data distribution model for the monthly PBS Schedule data. In the future, PBS Schedule data will be distributed in a relational format that is more readily consumable and predictable. The Department will cease to provide ALL existing forms of data currently distributed to vendors at an agreed point in time.

More information is available on the PBS Data Distribution Project page.

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Page last updated: 10 November 2020

PBS Data Distribution

Questions in relation to the PBS Data Distribution Project and modernising data access, please contact:

XML, data or PharmCIS

Questions in relation to XML, data or PharmCIS, please contact:

Website and embargo downloads

Issues or questions in relation to the website or embargo downloads, please contact

Developers Discussion Board

  • The discussion board has been developed to better facilitate communication between the Department and anyone that uses the PBS data. Please feel free to post questions or answers.

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