Extract Prescriber Type

Version 1.8

This stylesheet extracts prescriber type data from the PBS XML document.

The source document is the PBS XML document, schema-valid to v2.4 (or later) of the PBS XML Schema.

The result is text. Each line lists the prescriber type applicable to an item. See parameter descriptions for further details about the format of the text output.


Parameter: "display"

Default value: " drug-name item-code prescriber-type "

What information to display, and the order in which to display it. Allowed values are: drug-name, item-code and prescriber-type.

Parameter: "lines"

Default value: ""single""

Whether to display a single prescriber type per line (multiple rows per PBS Item), or to display all prescriber types on a single line. Allowed values are: single or multiple. The value single (the default) specifies that each row will contain a single prescriber type, the value multiple specifies that each row will contain all prescriber types for an item.

Parameter: "mode"

Default value: ""full""

What mode to operate in. Allowed values are: auto, full or update. full mode (the default) produces a full list of prescriber types. update mode compares this schedule to the previous schedule and produces a list of prescriber types that have been added or deleted. update mode requires the previous-schedule parameter to be specified. auto mode attempts to discover if the previous schedule is available; if it is then it switches to update mode, if not then full mode is used.

Parameter: "previous-schedule"

The URL for the previous schedule. This parameter is required for update mode, but is otherwise ignored.

Revision History

Version Release date Changes
1.8 31 October 2013 Use common template to translate characters to ASCII.
1.7.1 08 August 2012 Performance optimisation.
1.7 29 May 2012 Add support for solvent-injectable combo items.
1.6.1 16 May 2012 Changed program code "EX" to "EP".
1.6 08 December 2011 Fixed display of drug-name for ready-prepared items.
1.5 24 November 2011 Only one row per prescribing-rule code
1.4 25 October 2011 Drug name only uses MP descriptor for ready-prepareds and infusibles.
1.3 12 October 2011 Translation of non-ASCII characters into ASCII equivalents.
1.2 24 May 2011 Updated to PBS XML v2.5.
1.1 21 January 2011 Updated to PBS XML v2.4.
1.0 23 March 2010 Initial version.