New Schema Package available - 3.1.9-308

Page last updated: 4 September 2020

A new V3 PBS XML Schema package is available on the PBS Developer Downloads page for use. While this Schema package contains no major changes, and can be used for any post-3.1 PBS XML file, it is important that it is used for validation of the 1 October 2020 PBS XML file, when it is published.

The October file will contain an Administrative-Advice that is shown as effective, but is not referenced by any active Restrictions or Prescribing-Rules. While this does not otherwise present a problem for loading the file or administering PBS prescriptions and claims, it does trigger a Schematron validation rule which may be present in previous Schema packages.

The latest package moves this rule to be included in the department’s internal validation, so files can still be used until the issue can be corrected. Please contact if there are any problems in loading the new Schema package.

The package also contains other updated validations and updated developer documentation, including improvements and additions to the Developer’s Guide and Data Scenarios pages.