New Schema Package available

Page last updated: 6 May 2020

A new Schema package is available for download. The monthly Schedule for 1 July 2020 will be made to the contained Schemas.

Full release notes are available with the package, and this includes three significant changes.

Firstly, the Schedule will be published using the v3.1 PBS XML Schema. This version of the schema introduces the concept of ‘pricing arrangement’. There are two possible pricing arrangements for a PBS Item: ‘normal’ or ‘fee-only’. Every PBS Item in the Schedule will include an attribute that indicates its pricing arrangement.

A ‘normal’ pricing arrangement means that the product’s ex-manufacturer price, markups and fees are added together to determine a DPMQ and this entire amount (less co-payment) is paid when the item is claimed.

A ‘fee-only’ pricing arrangement means that only the markups and fees are added together to determine the amount to be paid (less co-payment) when the item is claimed. At this time no listings using this arrangement will be included, and while the Schema will support both price arrangements, monthly data will include ‘normal’ pricing arrangements only. The department will provide notice prior to the commencement of fee-only listings.

The second change to be made in the 1 July 2020 PBS Schedule is the introduction of the concept of ‘assessment options’ for restrictions. An ‘assessment option’ is a modifier for how an application for an authority to prescribe a PBS Item is assessed by Services Australia. Most PBS Items are assessed on a ‘per-restriction’ basis. However, items in the Human Growth Hormone program will be assessed for either adult or paediatric use. This data takes the form of three new groups in the PBS XML. Every prescribing rule will be a member of one of these new groups.

The third change is to National Residential Medication Chart (NRMC) for RACF. The medication chart type will be removed, and two new types of chart will replace it. These are:

  1. (RACF medication chart, in electronic form)
  2. (RACF medication chart, in paper form)

There will be two <medication-chart-definition> elements added, one for each new type of chart. These both will have the same RACF chart category (four months duration).

The Schema package comes with sample data files that include examples of all three updates. Further details are included in the release notes.

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