Dispense/Supply Only Second Test Data Now Available

Page last updated: 24 September 2019

Following the teleconference last week discussing new arrangements for Dispense/Supply Only, a secondary set of test data has been created.

This test data is based on the October 2019 schedule (due to the need to include certain change data). Since this schedule is currently under embargo, the test data must be treated the same way.

The new version has the following changes:

  • The start of the supply-only period for some product listings has been back-dated
  • Product listings for items 1611T and 11450P have been made supply-only with back-dated start date. These product listings changed their manufacturer code and/or pricing data in October, thus demonstrating how changes will be represented for supply-only items.
  • Effectivity history has been added. This involves including a <moved> element for the <effective> element which has been relocated to the <previous> section.

If you have any feedback about the test files, including the Draft report for V2 users, please contact the PBS Listings team.

The test files are available on the embargo section of the PBS Software Developers website.