Release 4 of PBS Schedule for August 2018

Page last updated: 20 August 2018

The August 2018 PBS XML contained errors that affected how changes to authority levels were detected. This error has been resolved and a new release of the August 2018 schedule has been made available (Release 4).

On 15 August 2018 the department advised that certain PBS Items that were changing their authority level, from Restricted to Streamlined, in the September 2018 PBS Schedule were also affected by this error. After further analysis of the V3.0 PBS XML for the September 2018 Schedule (Release 1) it has been determined that the error is not present in this document and that all change information has been correctly included in the V3 PBS XML, as well as down-converted v2.12 PBS XML and text extracts.

Release 4 of the PBS Schedule data for August 2018 is now available from the embargo section of the PBS Software Developers website. Please see the Release Notes for further information.