PBS Schedule 1 August 2018 - issues with Authority Type changes in XML

Page last updated: 9 August 2018

An error has been identified with the 1 August 2018 V3 and V2 XML. This issue may affect detection of Authority Type changes for Benefit Types and Prescribing Rules. This is resulting in some prescriptions being rejected by DHS at the point of dispensing. While the XML lists the correct new Authority Type, there are issues with data elements that would identify this type of change.

The affected items are:                   

  • 10024N
  • 10015D
  • 10007Q
  • 10008R
  • 8518H
  • 8519J
  • 8430Q
  • 8431R
  • 8432T

These items were Restricted Benefit but from 1 August are now Streamlined Authority.

For the following items the Authority Type did not change, but the clinical criteria did. These changes will not affect script dispensing:

  • 10156M
  • 10188F
  • 10557P
  • 10565C

We are aware at least one prescribing software vendor is affected. Could all vendors please check that they have correctly reflected the 1 August Authority changes in updates to their customers, and communicate with them if they are affected.

The department is looking into the root cause and possible remediation for September. If you have any questions please contact pbs.contact@health.gov.au.