Access to embargo data on the PBS Developers' website

Page last updated: 9 July 2018

I am writing to you as an approved user of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) embargo data, which you access via secure log-in on the PBS Developers’ web site.  User access is provided on the understanding that the following notice is adhered to:

1. The embargoed files and information are provided to you for your operational purposes. You may undertake limited distribution to clients or members who require the data to meet their commercial needs to ensure currency of data on the effective date. In the interests of quality use of medicines and because of the potential for late changes to the data, this data may not be otherwise distributed prior to the effective date. Inappropriate distribution may result in revocation of access to these files.

2. The files provide information on the arrangements for the prescribing and supply of pharmaceutical benefits. These files are not a legal document and the legislation will be the source document for payment for the supply of pharmaceutical benefits. Updated information may be provided. The legislation can be accessed at

Over recent months there have been a few occasions where embargo information has been disclosed to the public. As a consequence, the department is reviewing the current list of people accessing data with a view to limiting the number of recipients to those who demonstrate definite and continuing need. We will also be regularly reviewing user access to ensure that the list remains current.

I invite you/your organisation to advise me by 16 July 2018 of the following:

  • Do you have an ongoing need for access to embargo PBS data, and why?
  • Who, in your organisation requires secure log-in access to embargo data? Please limit the number to three or less.
  • That you give an undertaking that information provided through this web site will not be disclosed publically prior to the effective listing date.

Please send your response, via email to If I do not hear from you by 16 July 2018 I will assume that you no longer require access to the PBS embargo data.

If you have any questions please contact Elizabeth Murray by email at

Yours sincerely


Lisa La Rance
Assistant Secretary
Pricing and PBS Policy Branch
9 July 2018