PBS XML - missing dispensing rules

Page last updated: 30 November 2017


Each program in the PBS schedule has a list of dispensing rules (rp-s94-private, rp-s90-cp, rp-s94-public, etc).

It has been brought to our attention that Palliative Care (PL) and RPBS (R1) programs have missing dispensing rules.  As it stands now, Palliative Care and RPBS both only have one dispensing rule, namely rp-s90-cp would mean they can only be dispensed in a Community Pharmacy which is obviously incorrect.

Data Fix

Health will be implementing a change to make General, Palliative Care and RPBS programs the same.  The data has been this way for many years, so before fixing the problem we need to ensure the change will not adversely impact any end-user.

How will this data change affect you?

Please advise Health via email to PBSlisting@health.gov.au how adding dispensing rules will impact your software product. This way we can work with you on the timing of this change.

For further information, please contact PBSListing@health.gov.au.