XML V3 Sub-Set Files Available for UAT

Page last updated: 14 September 2017

As part of the XML v3 Data Sub-Sets project, two new XML files have been prepared, which are smaller and more digestible than the “full” PBS XML v3 file. Both files comply with PBS XML schema and include required content only, based on feedback provided by the PBS developer community earlier in the project.

The files are available for download from within the embargo section of the PBS Software Developers website and include:

v3 PBS XML Prescribers Sub-Set
To be consumed by prescribers, with pricing elements removed

v3 PBS XML Dispensers Sub-Set
To be consumed by dispensers, with restrictions elements removed

A communication has been provided to members of the PBS XML v3 Control Group, requesting participation in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Data Sub-sets starting from 18 September 2017 for an initial two-week period.  The UAT will follow two iterations, with a break in between to rectify any discovered issues.  The target date for deploying final versions of the two Sub-Sets to the PBS Developer site is 1 December.

Please note that participation in the UAT by software vendors outside of the control group is also welcomed, however optional. Please contact PBS.Contact@health.gov.au to become involved.

For further information, please contact PBS.Contact@health.gov.au.