How to use the MPS API (Beta) –

The Department of Health is modernising the consumption and data distribution model for the monthly PBS Schedule data. In the future, PBS Schedule data will be distributed in a relational format that is more readily consumable and predictable. The Department will cease to provide ALL existing forms of data currently distributed to vendors at an agreed point in time.

More information is available in the presentation slides from the Modernising data access Webinar .

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What Service URIs are available?

Represented as URIs, the MPS API provides 100+ services for accessing the PBS data:

How to use the search query?

Providing the 'term' parameter to the API engine initiates the following process.

After analysing the input parameter value the following steps are taken:

  • Scan the possible fields in the records (such as Item code, drug name, brand name) then return the exactly match Term object(s).
  • If not, use the input to scan the possible fields in the records and return all matched prefix Term Object(s).
  • If not, use the input to scan the possible fields in the records and return the most match Term Object.

Use the returned Term object(s) to perform the proper search.

Wrap the search result into the view object for the response (default=Item View).

Search service


How to list data by Schedule?

To list data by schedule, retrieve the drug type code, then use the schedule service to get the response.


How to view by BodySystem?


How to view by Drug?


How to view by AMT?


How to View by Item

View by Item Code

How to View by Brand


How to View ANS Restriction


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