Extract SN20DR File

Version 2.3.2

This XSL stylesheet produces the SN20DR extract file (sn20dr yyyymmdd.txt) from a PBS XML document.

The source document must be a PBS XML document.

The result document is a text file.

The default field delimiter is the tab character.

Field Name Format Maximum Length Description
Item Code Character 6 Five or six alphanumeric characters in format (n)nnnna.
Days Character The number of days before another repeat can be filled.
Counted Character 1 If 'Y', then if the script is filled within the specified number of days the script is counted against the Safety Net. If 'N' then the script is not counted against the Safety Net.


Revision History

Version Release date Changes
2.3.2 07 November 2012 Added documentation on the output format.
2.3.1 21 August 2012 Performance optimisation
2.3 15 August 2012 Exclude changes-list
2.2 15 May 2012 Exclude extemporaneous preparation prescribing rules
2.1 24 November 2011 Only one row per prescribing-rule code
2.0 14 November 2011 Modified keys to address performance issues
1.0 24 June 2011 Initial version.