Extract Restrictions File

Version 2.7.1

This XSL stylesheet produces the Restrictions ANS extract file (RestrictionExtract yyyymmdd.txt) from a PBS XML document.

A restriction is comprised of one or more indications. The Restriction extract file lists the Indication Ids and the text of the Indications. This is the text that appears under the headings 'Restricted benefit', 'Authority Required (STREAMLINED)' and 'Authority Required' in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits.

The source document must be a PBS XML document.

The result document is a text file.

The field delimeter in this file is the tab character.

Field Name Format Maximum Length Start Position Description
Indication Id Character 4 1 4 digit numeric, commencing with 1000
Restriction Indication Text Character 17040 6 text of indication as it appears in the Schedule
Miscellaneous Restriction Flag Character 1 17047

one numeric character - currently only two values:

  • 0 - default value
  • 1 - only one course of treatment allowed
Date Required Flag Character 1 17049 Y/N, Y where a date (e.g. of an x-ray) is required in an authority application, otherwise N
Text required flag Character 1 17051 Y/N, Y where some text (other than a date) is required in an authority application, otherwise N


Revision History

Version Release date Changes
2.7.1 04 June 2013 Remove xsl:message element.
2.7 02 June 2013 Include rwt:prescriber-instruction content.
2.6 21 January 2013 Added double space to indicate line breaks.
2.5 09 November 2012 Fixed problem with deleted restrictions.
2.4.2 07 November 2012 Added documentation.
2.4.1 06 June 2012 Update to use latest values for authority methods.
2.4 31 May 2012 Collapse whitespace in indication text to prevent tab characters in data being interpreted as field delimiters. Truncate indication text to a maximum of 17040 characters.
2.3 14 November 2011 Modified keys to address performance issues
2.2 21 October 2011 Fixed text required.
2.1.1 31 August 2011 Fixed bug where duplicates were being incorrectly eliminated. Added support for auth:all.
2.1 01 August 2011 Fixed bug where the 'id' key wasn't defined.
2.0.1 15 June 2011 Fixed blank entries.
2.0 18 February 2011 Updated for PBS XML Schema v2.4.
1.0 01 October 2009 Initial version.