Extract Notes File

Version 2.2

This XSL stylesheet produces the Notes ANS extract file (NoteExtract yyyymmdd.txt) from a PBS XML document.

The Note extract lists all Note ids and their descriptions. It is used for linking to values in the LinkExtract and PBS Item Table extract files.

The source document must be a PBS XML document.

The result document is a text file.

The field delimeter in this file is the tab character.

Field Name Format Maximum Length Start Position Description
Notes Id Character 4 1 Numeric characters
Notes Text Character 12600 6 Text of Note description from the PBS Book.


Revision History

Version Release date Changes
2.2 05 July 2013 Remove rwt:prescriber-instruction content from notes.
2.1.2 19 March 2013 Fixed rwt:definition.
2.1.1 07 November 2012 Added documentation.
2.1 22 October 2012 Remove constraints notes.
2.0.5 19 July 2012 Performance optimisation.
2.0.4 03 November 2011 Exclude notes with non-numeric codes.
2.0.3 26 October 2011 Strip spaces from source.
2.0.2 25 October 2011 Fixed field padding... again.
2.0.1 15 June 2011 Fixed field padding.
2.0 18 February 2011 Updated for PBS XML Schema v2.4.
1.0 01 October 2009 Initial version.