Extract Manufacturer File

Version 1.11

This XSL stylesheet produces the Manufacturer extract file (Mnfr yyyymmdd.txt) from a PBS XML document.

The Manufacturer extract provides name, address, telephone and facsimile number information for the sponsors of drugs listed in the schedule.

The source document must be a PBS XML document.

The result document is a text file.

The default field delimeter in this file is the exclamation mark (!).

Field Name Format Maximum Length Description
Manufacturer Code Character 2 Two character alphabetic code in the Schedule Book
Manufacturer Name Character 120
Street Address Character 180
Telephone Number Character 16 Numeric characters
Facsimile Number Character 16 Numeric characters


Revision History

Version Release date Changes
1.11 07 November 2012 Added documentation.
1.1 02 November 2012 Sorted output based on manufacturer code (ascending).
1.0.1 31 May 2012 Improve formatting of structured addresses.
1.0 21 September 2009 Initial version.