Link Extract File

Version 3.6

This XSL stylesheet produces the Link ANS extract file (LinkExtract yyyymmdd.txt) from a PBS XML document.

A restriction is comprised of one or more indications. The Link extract file file links the Indication Id to the PBS item code. Where there are multiple indications for an item, there will be multiple records in this file for that PBS item code.

The source document must be the result of the delta.xsl XSL stylesheet.

The result document is a text file.

The field delimeter in this file is the tab character.

Field Name Format Maximum Length Start Position Description
PBS Item Code Character 6 1 five or six characters in format (n)nnnna
Indication Id Character 4 7 Numeric characters.The text of the Indication can be found in the RestrictionExtract file.
Increased MQ/R Flag Character 1 12

Indicates whether the Indication applies to:

  • increased quantities and/or repeats; or
  • normal quantities and/or repeats; or
  • both normal and increased quantities and/or repeats


  • 1= this indication applies only to increased quantities and/or repeats
  • this indication applies only to normal quantities and/or repeats
  • this indication applies both to normal and increased quantities and/or repeats

For any given PBS item code, these flags will be either all 3 (the usual case), or all either 1 or 2.

Start date Character 8 14 Format ddmmyyyy
End date Character 8 23 Format ddmmyyyy. Maybe blank if item is current (no end date has been set).
Note Id Character 4 32 the Note Id of any Note attached to the restriction
Caution Id Character 4 37 the Caution Id of any Caution attached to the restriction


Parameter: "delimiter"

Default value: "' '"

Field Delimiter

Delimiter to use between fields. Default is tab character.

Parameter: "eol"

Default value: "' '"

Record Delimiter

Delimiter to use between records. Default is newline character.

Revision History

Version Release date Changes
3.6 06 November 2013 Use before and after restriction level to find all changed prescribing rules
3.5 08 August 2013 Check that the source document is appropriate
3.4 29 July 2013 Fixed note processing - find notes through circumstances
3.3 16 July 2013 Disregard deletions where the same restriction has been added with the same notes/cautions. Use codes to match, not @xml:id.
3.2 05 July 2013 Remove rwt:prescriber-instruction content from notes.
3.2 09 November 2012 Change priority of start date - restriction-reference is used first.
3.1.1 07 November 2012 Added documentation.
3.1 01 November 2012 Supply default non-effective date.
3.0 29 August 2012 Fix start and end dates.
2.7 24 July 2012 Fix bug where normalise-space() was being called instead of normalize-space()
2.6 20 February 2012 Upgraded to v2.7 schema.
2.5.1 08 December 2011 Fixed format for missing end date.
2.5 24 November 2011 Only one row per prescribing-rule code
2.4 23 November 2011 Update to handle 2.6 XML Markup for cautions
2.3 14 November 2011 Modified keys to address performance issues
2.2 03 November 2011 Remove leading and trailing spaces from note numbers before formatting
2.1 31 October 2011 Updated for PBS XML Schema v2.6.
2.0 19 February 2011 Updated for PBS XML Schema v2.4.
1.0 02 October 2009 Initial version.