Extract Dispensing Incentive Items

Version 1.11.1


Parameter: "display"

Default value: " drug-name item-code org-code amount "

What information to display, and the order in which to display it. Allowed values are: drug-name, item-code, program-code, org-code and amount.

Parameter: "mode"

Default value: ""full""

What mode to operate in. Allowed values are: auto, full or update. full mode (the default) produces a full list of brands. update mode compares this schedule to the previous schedule and produces a list of brands that have been added or deleted. update mode requires the previous-schedule parameter to be specified. auto mode attempts to discover if the previous schedule is available; if it is then it switches to update mode, if not then full mode is used.

Parameter: "previous-schedule"

The URL for the previous schedule. This parameter is required for update mode, but is otherwise ignored.

Parameter: "dispensing-rule"

Default value: ""http://schema.pbs.gov.au/DR/IN/s90-cp dr:IN/s90-cp http://schema.pbs.gov.au/DR/RP/s90-cp dr:RP/s90-cp http://schema.pbs.gov.au/DR/RP-NP-NC/s90-cp dr:RP-NP-NC/s90-cp http://schema.pbs.gov.au/DR/RP/s94-private-s100 dr:RP/s94-private-s100""

The dispensing rule to use.

Revision History

Version Release date Changes
1.11.1 15 February 2013 Update documentation.
1.11 21 November 2012 Added dispensing rule dr:RP/s94-private-s100 to default. Improved matching of dispensing rule identifiers.
1.10 31 October 2012 Added program-code display option.
1.9 20 September 2012 Removed "RP/s94-private-s100" from the list of default dispening-rules to be output. Fixed bug that was outputting lines without an amount.
1.8 15 August 2012 Changed pbs:prices template to not consider anything within the changes list. Also added "RP/s94-private-s100" to the list of dispening-rules to be output.
1.7 29 May 2012 Added support for solvent-injectable combo items.
1.6 15 May 2012 Added dispensing rule dr:RP-NC-NP/s90-cp. Allow use of QNames.
1.5 12 October 2011 Changed default dispensing rule to include both ready-prepared and infusible rules. Code changes to accommodate matching against multiple rules. Fixed bug to accommodate different structures for locating incentive amount.
1.4 24 June 2011 Added infusibles.
1.3 21 January 2011 Updated for PBS XML v2.4.
1.2.1 11 June 2008 Changed filename of previous schedule.
1.2 19 May 2008 Introduce "auto" mode.
1.1 29 April 2008 Produce update list if previous schedule supplied.
1.0 19 March 2008 Initial version.