AMT Extract File

Version 1.41

This XSL stylesheet produces an extract file (amt yyyymmdd.txt) from a PBS XML document containing details of AMT identifiers for PBS items.

The source document must be a PBS XML document.

The result document is a text file.

The default field delimeter in this file is the exclamation mark (!).

Field Name Format Maximum Length Description
Program Code Character 2 As per Section 10 Drug Type Codes.
PBS Code Character 6 Five or six alphanumeric characters in format (n)nnnna.
Manufacturer Code Character Two character alphabetic, refer to file Mnfr yyyymmdd.txt. Two character alphabetic code in the Schedule Book.
Unit of Measure Character E.g. Milligram, Micrograms, International Units.
MP Concept ID Character Medicinal product Code.
MP Character Medicinal Product.
MPP Concept ID Character Medicinal Product Pack Code.
MPP Character Medicinal Product Pack.
Brand Name Character TPP's 'Brand Name' as used in the PBS.
TPP Concept ID Character Trade Product Pack Code.
TPP Character Trade Product Pack.
Pack Content Character The number of UOM's in the manufacturer's pack (In the single vial).
Max Quantity Character Max Amount of Medicinal Product in UOM's which may be prescribed without obtaining a special or additional authority.
Commonwealth's Ex-Manufacturer Price Character Commonwealth's 'Ex-Manufacturer Price' for a manufacturer's pack.
Manufacturer's Ex-Manufacturer Price Character Manufacturer's 'Ex-Manufacturer Price' for a manufacturer's pack.
PFDI Amount Character Value of Premium Free Dispensing Incentive.


Parameter: "include-header"

Default value: "0"

Whether to display header.

Parameter: "delimiter"

Default value: ""!""

What character to use to separate the data fields.

Revision History

Version Release date Changes
1.41 07 November 2012 Added documentation on the output format.
1.4 31 October 2012 Updated to PBS XML Schema v2.8.1
1.3 14 November 2011 Modified keys to address performance issues
1.2 19 October 2011 Updated to PBS XML v2.6.
1.1 02 June 2011 Updated to new specification.
1.0 09 May 2011 Initial version.