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PBS XML Schema Version 3.1.7

The elements at the top level of a PBS XML document. These are contained within the root element.

Toplevel Elements

Figure 1. PBS XML Toplevel Structure

Top-level structure of a PBS XML v3.0 document


The info element contains metadata about the PBS XML document.


The previous-list element contains history data. It contains previous elements, each of which contains data from earlier versions of the Schedule.


The schedule element contains most of the data for the PBS Schedule. This element contains data for each program of the PBS.


The pharmaceutical-items-list element contains elements that describe "pharmaceutical items". "Pharmaceutical items" pertain to pharmaceutical benefits.


The drugs-list element contains drug concepts. The PBS Schedule uses the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) to describe medicines and medicinal concepts.


The prescribing-texts-list element contains textual components of the Schedule. These consist of various types of components, such as restrictions, notes and cautions.


The organisations-list element contains the list of manufacturers of products listed on the PBS.


The rdf:RDF element contains the PBS Ontology.