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PBS XML Schema Version 3.1.7

The PBS XML schema governs the structure and content of the PBS XML. As detailed within PBS XML usage, the PBS XML schema distribution package contains all files and documents to validate the PBS XML document. The package provides capability to validate against the RELAX-NG schema, W3C XML schema (WXS), and schematron to check further constraints such as business rules.

The PBS XML version 3 schema defines, for the PBS Schedule, the:

Element vocabulary

This is the names of elements within the PBS XML, e.g. root, schedule, program, prescribing-rule, dispensing-rules-list, drugs-list

Content models

The content models define the content allowed, and therefore by definition not allowed, inside an element within the PBS XML schema; and,

Data types

Data Types define the specific types of data, such as currency, date, integer, allowed to appear inside an element within the PBS XML schema.

The purpose of the PBS XML schema is to:

Changes to the PBS XML version 3 schema will result in deployment of a new version of the schema package. The PBS developer website will provide announcements when there are new versions of the PBS XML schema package.