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PBS XML Schema Version 3.1.7

Element <pbs:schedule>

Belongs to http://schema.pbs.gov.au/ XML Namespace. Defined in PBS XML Schema grammar.

This is a complex type of element.

The Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits.

See also PBS


Definition of the schedule element.

All of the following (in any order):


Values that apply to the whole Schedule.

Zero or more of the following:

Details of listings.

Zero or more of the following:

Programs that have been removed or relocated.

Pattern pbs.forward-compatibility

For future extensions.

May be used in



<root version="3.0">
<schedule> <values-list>...</values-list> <program xml:id="a317195">...</program> <program xml:id="a317236">...</program> <program xml:id="a317248">...</program> ... </schedule>
<pharmaceutical-items-list>...</pharmaceutical-items-list> <drugs-list>...</drugs-list> <prescribing-texts-list>...</prescribing-texts-list> <organisations-list>...</organisations-list> ... </root>


The pbs:schedule element may include the following attributes:

Name Optional Allowed Values Default Value Comments
xml:id Yes text Identifies the unique ID value of the element
xml:base Yes text Specifies the base URI of the element and its descendants
xml:lang Yes text Specifies the natural language of the element and its descendants
rdf:resource Yes "anyURI" datatype Reference to a terminology concept.
previous Yes "anyURI" datatype Hyperlink to the previous value of the element.